Lord Adonis disappointed that private schools haven't taken on the running of academies

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The former education minister and champion of free schools and academies under the last government regrets that independent schools have not taken up his invitation to get involved with the running of the state run independent schools.

This idea was always going to be a non starter as the fee paying parents of pupils to private schools would not want to see their money invested in this way and the personnel of such institutions aren't known for their altruism.

Whether a school which becomes an academy would benefit from the sponsorship of a private school is also debateable. The cynicism in me seems to think it would only get involved if it had a vested interest like creaming off its most able pupils with the enticement of scholarships and bursaries.

In view of the market failure of academies to attract the private school sector, might that be a wider indicator as to why they are a bit of a gimmick to help bridge the divide between state and private sector and should instead continue to be maintained under LEA control?
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Wed, 19/01/2011 - 13:42

I think the example of the UCST running Academies through their ULT arm is a warning about the effectiveness and desirability of private school providers running academies. ULT has a real mixed record and at one point last year was barred from opening any new academies. What works in the private sector isn't necessarily easily transferrable to schools in challenging circumstances.

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