EMA debate in Commons: Mr Gove waffles and shouts

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The debate is still going on as I type. Mr Gove lost control at one point and shouted at MPs opposite to sit down. The Deputy Speaker had to remind him that it was up to the Speaker to tell MPs when to sit down, not the Secretary of State.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, I was yelling at the TV at the time, but I'm sure Mr Gove mentioned the discredited 2000 OECD UK figures in the debate - something about how the good ranking of UK students in 2000 was due to Conservative policies. Mr Gove knows these figures have been discounted so he should not be using them.

He spent far too much time conflating the argument - the economy, teaching quality and so forth - rather than discussing the EMA. Even mentioned the NHS at one point. Mr Burnham, on the other hand, was focussed, measured and knowledgeable.

For more information on campaigning to save EMA payments log onto: http://saveema.co.uk/
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Tue, 02/08/2011 - 07:00

Cherry - it's a long time since I wrote the above. I said that I thought Mr Gove had used the discounted OECD 2000 PISA figures in his rambling speech. On this occasion I was wrong, he was referring to OECD economic figures. He does, however, continue using the discounted figures.

EMA has now been abolished but Channel 4 Factcheck found that Mr Gove's maths was flawed.


Mr Gove caused gasps in the Commons when he said that a majority of 18-24 years olds supported the abolition of EMA. This majority consisted of 1%, but what he didn't say was that slightly more of all adults opposed the move (5%). Another example of Mr Gove's selective use of statistics.


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