Academy Funding Agreements--the only way to hold them to account

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A colleague of mine at CASE has put together the following info re: academy funding agreements. The funding agreement is the main (or I should say "only") means for parents to hold their school to account. Please read on and take action if you can.

" Apparently the YPLA has amongst its duties the handling of parents complaints against Academies. The complaint generally has to be on the basis that the Academy is not complying with its Funding Agreement.

Many of you – hopefully all of you – will remember how difficult it was to get Access to funding agreements when Academies were first set up. If the YPLA’s role is to be credible funding agreements and their purpose must be open and transparent to parents pupils and prospective parents.

I doubt if this is true and propose a little research on this.

I have sent the following e mail to Academies in Brent – and would like you to copy it and send it in your name – suitably amended – to academies in your area. If you are a governor in an Academy getting the answer should be really easy!

Dear Sir / Madam

I am carrying out some basic research on the appeals procedures of Academies.

As part of this research it would be very helpful if you could tell me how parents or members of the local community can access the funding agreement which defines the overall policies governing the operation of the school. I would also ask how I, as a Brent resident, may access a copy of the Academies funding agreement.

Kind Regards

Please let me know what replies you get!"
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Tue, 14/06/2011 - 18:43

I am sending this letter to my local academy who have rejected my daughter and put me through a really unfair appeal. I intend to complain to the YPLA and complain to Michael Gove and my local MP, I intend to expose them for what they really are including selecting pupils on aptitude and cherry picking as even after the appeal we still didn't get to the bottom of how they marked the papers. The appeal panel didn't question the school on this process.

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