Controlled Assessments must be given a chance!

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Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, seems intent upon returning us to exams but the evidence is already mounting that Controlled Assessment (CA) is the way forward. I have noticed that CA has done many of the things that Gove says he wants to see in schools. It has raised standards because it forces students to work independently and not to rely on their parents/private tutors to do the work for them in the way coursework did; it also has encouraged students to take proper notes and develop their study skills. Furthermore, it gives students room to develop their research skills in a way that exams don't; students can use dictionaries and notes in many CAs and, as a result, hone their ability to find out answers for themselves. It also enhances a teachers' authority; CA lessons are conducted in silence, bringing a much needed sense of calm to classrooms towards the end of term!
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Thu, 27/01/2011 - 10:11

I think that the change from coursework to controlled assessments has only gone and put pressure on the children that are doing them. They do not get a chance to reflect and improve on their work, this way is more effective as they can correct on silly mistakes that can change their grade massively!

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Thu, 27/01/2011 - 10:17

Putting students in a stuffy room is not the best way to find their understanding of the subject! Coursework helps the student to develop a better understanding for the subject and refect on their work. Controlled assessments put unnecessary pressure on students.

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