Children's life chances set by age of 5

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This paragraph below is actually taken from the end of Oxford University's response to the Guardian "whitewash" article. It is a really good summary of recent evidence on the way the life chances of our children are already largely determined by the time they go to school:

"What Frank Field called ‘overwhelming evidence’ that children’s life chances are most heavily predicated on their development in their early years was confirmed again yesterday by the Institute of Education. Mr Field concluded the die was cast by the age of five. The Institute noted the “strikingly large” performance gap between middle-class children and their less advantaged peers by the age of seven. A third report by the IFS earlier this year says “socio-economic disadvantage has already had an impact on academic outcomes at the age of 11 and this disadvantage explains a significant proportion of the gap in HE participation at age 19 or 20”."

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Wed, 08/12/2010 - 12:50

One reason why we need to make sure funding of early years provision continues. Where I live it is going to be cut back due to central government cuts to local government.

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