"Bolingbroke Academy": the affluent are grabbing taxpayers' money to fund a school for their children

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The Neighbourhood Schools Campaign have, so far, been successful in claiming considerable support for the purchase of the former Bolinbroke Hospital (for £13 million). However, Jon de Maria's Facebook appeal for support and the number of planning applications objections which were shy about the address indicate that the support for their campaign is limited.

Last weekend and this weekend, it has become very clear that the only people who want this school are a few affluent, largely white residents of a small area of Battersea who have not even explored the possibility of sending their children to the existing local schools.

What has also become clear is that there is a real tension between ARK and the NSC. I may strongly disagree with ARK's policy of running state funded schools. However, it is clear that they do want a school which is inclusive. What is equally clear is that the NSC, whatever they claim, want a school which is exclusive.
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