£13m for Wandsworth free school site despite outstanding local school 1 mile away!

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Having axed millions from the BSF programme in Wandsworth, it has come to light that the building for the proposed Northcote free school, Bolingbroke Academy, is going to cost £13m! It is clear that the council are supporting affluent parents who don't support existing local schools (only 27% of 11-15 year olds in this area attend Wandsworth state schools) in diverting funding to set up their own school. At the same time, elsewhere in Wandsworth, pupils and staff at Elliot School are working in classrooms colder than the legal minimum because of the poor state of repair of the school! This is what happens when you allow self-interested groups of parents to campaign for their own school "free" from sensible planning of resources by the council. As I have mentioned on this site before, there is an outstanding local school only a mile away from the site of the new school which the vast majority of people in the area would have got into based on published admissions distances (had any of them actually applied).
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