Why top private schooling won't always deliver

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The latest musing from Ms Birbalsingh deserves some beating for its rubbishing of state schools.

She sarcastically opines whether Prince William and his fiancee will be sending their offspring through the state system and then proceeds to denigrate the whole state school sector.

What, she didn't say, and as one poster pointed out on the blog, was that Prince William's youger brother also attended Eton and only passed 2 A'levels with a B (Art) and a D (Geography) which makes a very modest score of 420 points.

Now as a monarchist my purpose isn't to indulge in Royal bashing but merely to point out that attending the most established public schools like Eton and Gordonstoun which was patronised by other Royals isn't any sort of guarantee that top exam results will be attained if someone isn't innately intelligent.

The point that has to be made is that these schools are highly selective although members of the Royal family may not need to reach the high entry standards that are exacted on others. My own view is that the success of most pupils at these schools could be reached at state schools if parents were prepared to make that decision to send them there. It is only because much of the private sector has the cream of the intake that excellent exam results are a logical conclusion.
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