The most successful state schools run on commitment, support and minimum interference of government.

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by Tim Hoy
I am a 50 year old parent whose son (now 29) went to Holland Park Comprehensive and daughter (now 14) still attends Queens Park Community School in NW London. I was formerly the Chair of governors at Donnington Primary School and remain active on the PTA (my wife Sian is co chair).

I only remained in full time education until I was 16, requiring work with accommodation after this time as I had nowhere to live in the UK. (I joined the Royal Navy). Our son achieved a 2:1 BA Hons in 2006.

As a public servant myself, I am aware that any attempts by governments of every political colour to save money will invariably involve cutbacks in essential services such as education, health, emergency & social services. Wherever there is a huge disparity between the haves and have nots, there is always a direct correlation with the availability of education for all regardless of income or social status. For these reasons I am happy to be involved with the LSN.
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