Oh no they have a business plan!!!

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by W Smith
The Department for Education Business Plan Nov 2010 makes very depressing reading.

This is the government's idea of leaving schools and teachers alone to get on with the job!!!!!

Included is a new reading test for 6 year olds, a new early years framework and assessment and a brand new primary curriculum, after yet another review!!
Who is going to be on the review panel ? Surely there can't be many "experts" left to call upon, as they have already either consulted on very detailed reviews, responded to very detailed reviews or published very detailed reviews only to have them ignored and binned!

A main purpose of this business plan is to give parents more information and data to enable them to choose the best possible school for their child. Why are "local" schools and "community" not included as part of this plan? It could all be so much easier and far more effective for each and every child in this country if the D for E simply declared it's vision is to support all local schools, to enable them to provide the best possible education for the children who live within the community. Would save a lot of money that could be used at the chalk face!
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