My son worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company at his local school today!

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My son, who is 10 years old, came back home raving about the fantastic workshop he did with the Royal Shakespeare Company at his local state primary school in Tower Hamlets. He said the actor, Justin, was "bare nice" and taught the whole class to love Macbeth. He was a witch who had to say the lines about the "hurly burly's done". He was extremely enthused about the Bard and wants me to read Shakespeare to him for his bedtime story! It made me think about how wonderful his local school is; since leaving the wretched private school he attended, he's come on leaps and bounds, learning to love maths, science, geography, history and the immortal Bard himself.

He attends a "humble" local primary school which works very hard with the local authority, Tower Hamlets, to achieve the highest standards for all. The LA involves the children in all sorts of projects -- musical, scientific, literary, cultural -- and really gives all of them a love of learning. Times are a bit worrying now because of all the cuts that are happening, but I've noticed here in Bethnal Green that there's a bit of "Blitz" spirit developing amongst the community; we're going to fight for what is right!

Why isn't Gove pointing out the success of boroughs like Tower Hamlets which have worked with the poorest children in the country to raise standards for all? Why is there no mention of them in the White Paper?
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