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by W Smith
Mr Gove's continued pontifications about leaving teachers to teach as long as they are going to teach a curriculum close to his heart is very hard to comprehend.

His logic and justifications for this appear to have been gleaned from his own and his contempories public school experiences. He argues that a classic curriculum is the curriculum of choice for parents who pay for education, therefore those that can't pay should have it to.

What he has yet to acknowledge and recognise is that the success of public schools in exam achievement, university entrance and career security is down to far more than curriculum content.

As our democratically elected leader of the state education system Mr Gove should know better and I would like to support this network in being able to demonstrate to him that he is in danger of making a very grave mistake. If he goes galloping ahead, clouded by the sound of his own voice, he is in danger of being remembered as a deaf, tunnel visioned and inept Minister of Education in the history books of the future.
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