Katherine Birbalsingh on the Politics show today.

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Katherine was discussing her views on education and while some of her blogs aren't easy on the eye (her latest is about free schools becoming profit making) I wouldn't disagree with the points she made about victim culture and dumbing down of GCSEs.

The two politicians on the show with her were Charlie Falconer (former Labour Chancellor) and Francis Maude, Conservative Cabinet Minister and MP for Horsham, a constituency where Maude and my brother both live.

It was laughable when these two politicians were asked to share their views about state education as both men sent their children to private schools despite Horsham having one of the top state schools in the country, Millais, an all girls comprehensive, which outperforms Camden High for GCSE results.

Sadly, the interviewer didn't put Falconer and Maude on the spot for eschewing the state sector for the education of their children. How can politicians enter a meaningful debate on this issue if they continue to shun the state sector even when "good" schools can be found on their doorstep?
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