Judge a school by the children, not its buildings...

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My two oldest children have attended St Matthews Primary School in Cambridge ever since Reception year. My son moved on to the local secondary this September ( my daughter is still at St Matthew's in Year 3 and we hope that our toddler will join her there when he is old enough).
Looking back over my 11 year old's very happy and productive time at the school, what strikes me most is that we should judge schools by their effects on the children who go there, not on shiny buildings or facilities. I look back at the shy and nervous four year old who started school seven years ago and am amazed at the confident humorous person he has become, a lot of which can be attributed to the warm ethos of this very diverse school and some very good teachers. (He has also learned to read, write, do maths and play the flute). By his final year, he was the tallest boy in the school( by a long way) but no one made him feel self-conscious about this.
Like many local schools, St Matthew's is nothing special to look at and is in desperate need of new buildings. What is special, however, is the confidence and positive attitude to learning it instils in its pupils.
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