Funding the wrong values

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The New Schools Network website presents a totally misleading picture of the state system. This enables Michael Gove to abandon the schools that really need investment, choosing to gift £500,000 of public money to one of his former advisers to set up “free” schools - without even asking for other organisations to tender for the work.

The Local Schools website offers the opportunity to present a more accurate account of local schools. For example, Purbrook Park School and Language College in Hampshire has once again been awarded the prestigious International Schools Award, managed by the British Council, in recognition of its work to bring the wider world into the classroom.
The British Council congratulated Purbrook Park School for “their excellent commitment to the enriching, creative and innovative international dimensions of teaching and learning” and for “their outstanding and inspirational range of international work.”

Purbrook Park School is developing young people to live and work as global citizens; it is difficult to understand how “free” schools’ built on segregation might be able to do something similar.
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