Fighting to stop the rape of our education system -- and no apologies for the "r" word!

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I have been involved from day one with the schools' transformation programme and belive passionately in its core values -- despite the efforts of civil servants etc. etc to confuse and complicate its processes. Now we are watching helplessly as a minority government presides over the dismantling of everything we believe in --- equity, openess, transparency, honesty, community ---- need I go on.

So Mr.Gove, tell me one thing you have done for a single failing school other than encourage those who would see the lifeblood of schools and communities leeched away by a combination of greed, prejudice and blind ignorance.

We are witnessing an education catastrophe without parallel in our history. As Marx wrote "history repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, then as farce". Wait till we start laughing
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