Existing state comprehensive schools can be excellent

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I have two daughters who attend an excellent state school (Waldegrave School) a few minutes walk from the house. They chose this school though there were other very good state schools also in easy travelling distance.
Why is it an excellent school? Students know they are there to learn. Academic results are very good as a result of some inspired teaching. The school runs many lunch, holiday and after school activities.
I now work as a teacher educator (or trainer) and the school is also an excellent place for teachers to begin their careers.
The local authority wants all local schools to become academies. I cannot see anyway in which this would improve the school.
It could diminish its local influence and it could become less accountable to local people. It would not improve choices open to local parents. It would not improve the lives of my children or my students.
The state sector is not perfect but the comprehensive system is not broken and academies are no way to fix it.
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