Children need good, egalitarian education, not based on class nor wealth, nor religion.

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I went to one of the first Comprehensives near Bristol, and enjoyed most of my time there. The parts I enjoyed were the excellent commitment of the staff, the mix of peers and the freedom to express your ideas (clubs, debating society, ran a magazine etc). The worst parts were those now tackled by the Labour Government - the corporal punishment, the humiliation of not being able to afford a new school uniform, the lack of objective standards in achievements.
I have tried religion, and was brought up to attend church etc, but when I was 19 I realised it was not reasonable to base my morality on 'received wisdom' and started on the path of humanism, which I still follow. Children are born good, an assumption we can now agree upon, unlike the Victorians. At birth children have no religion, and only take on religious beliefs inculcated by their parents. Faith based teaching should be outlawed, faith is a private matter and I respect people's right to pursue what they wish so long as it respects others. Teaching 'Human Rights' helps stop bullying, teaching reason and thinking skills helps children relate to each other positively. We should not copy the examples of Private Schools, where corporal punishment was allowed long after it was abolished in State Schools, where teachers do not need to be qualified nor monitored, where money is the only entry ctiteria. I could rant on... best wishes in the cause.
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