A Fair Admissions System Would Involve...

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Great Comprehensive Futures meeting (3/11) on fair admissions. It is clear that for admissions to be fair, they should be based on:

1) Fair banding, based on the local authority area: This ensures the intake of each school reflects the range of ability in its wider locality, while still being based on a local catchment area.

2) Schools not being their own admissions authority. Having power over your own admissions makes it very tempting to bend the rules, and accept certain students and not others. This remains the perfect role for the local authority.

3) Could there be preference for Free School Meals (FSM) students? There is still too much segregation between affluent and poorer intakes, even within boroughs. One solution would be to require over-subscribed schools to take enough FSM students to get the same proportion as their local authority area. It should be possible to adjsut Fair Banding to include this.
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