There are great local schools out there - let's celebrate them!

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I don't have children, but I work in the world of education, and am a primary school governor (of a school in a deprived part of Hackney). My work brings me into contact with people who are running great schools - far better than the selective convent that I went to 40 years ago - but their stories aren't being heard.

I hate the independent system with a passion. It will never disappear completely, but let's stop seeing it as some kind of pinnacle that we should all aspire to. I want us to get to the point when we look wonderingly at those who pay for their children's education and pity the kids for the narrow world view that they are being subjected to.

Because I don't have children, it's hard for me to express my views too loudly - "you wouldn't think like that if you had kids" - but I just wish that the vociferous middle classes would use their energy to support local schools, instead of seeing education as a competition that they need to win. We need EVERYBODY to succeed, not just our own kids - what kind of future do they think they are creating?
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