The Tories are thinking of setting up more grammar schools!

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There's strong evidence that the Tories are thinking of setting up more grammar schools.

At a Parliamentary gathering of the great and the good, Gove talks about this. This is a quote from the Conservative Home blog:

"Speaking at the gathering, Graham Brady applauded the Government for pushing ahead with free schools and more academies but asked Mr Gove to go further and facilitate the expansion of selective education where parents want it.

Mr Gove said that many were criticising him for going too far and too fast in his reforms, rather than not far enough. Responding to Graham Brady's request, he joked:

"My foot is hovering over the pedal; I'll have to see what my co-driver Nick Clegg has to say".

Let it be stated clearly. Grammar schools don't raise academic standards overall but depress them. The only way to raise standards properly is to have a fully comprehensive system where everyone goes to their local school. It is scary that the Education Secretary is seriously considering sanctioning a system which will depress standards. Is he losing it completely?
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