Is there new money for the pupil premium?

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See the Treasury press notice here following today's Comprehensive Spending Review, which allocates public spending for the next four years.  The key paragraph reads:

" We will increase funding for the schools budget by £3.6 billion in cash terms by the end of the spending review period - this is a 0.1% increase in real terms in each year. Along with greater freedoms and flexibility for teachers and schools, this will ensure schools can meet the demographic pressures they face, and deliver a £2.5 billion pupil premium. This will support the educational development of disadvantaged pupils, and provide incentives for good schools to take on pupils from poorer backgrounds"

Schools have been used to generous annual real terms increases, out of which they fund existing services. This extra money will have to cover those services, plus much needed new primary places and the pupil premium which, it was implied at the weekend, would be funded with  £5 billion of new money, in addition to a 'protected' core schools budget.

As I  suggested here, there will be winners and losers from this spending review and in spite of the spin, many schools could be worse off. This even more informed blog from Mike Baker, who has crunched the numbers, makes it clear why that is almost certainlyso.
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