Most of what I have strived for since I entered teaching in the 70s is being overturned

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I am a retired teacher, advisory teacher and (for my sins) Ofsted inspector, and a school governor in Hampshire for 9 years.  I have been chair of a small infant school for most of the 9 years, as well as member and sometime chair of the New Forest Governors' Forum and a member of both the Hampshire Governors' Association and Schools Forum.

At the heart of my vision has been: - a broad and rich curriculum for all children; to promote a love of learning; and rounded confident individuals who will contribute to society; inclusion; and as near as equality of opportunity as we can possibly manage.

Although I found government intervention in education under Blair and Brown far too prescriptive, I was heartened by the investment in children's services not least in children's centres and local partnerships.

I now feel most of what I have believed in and strived for since I first entered the profession in the early 70s is being overturned.  Though I have no confidence in conservative government, I am appalled that a good (though Tory) local authority like Hampshire can have its efforts decimated.  Why would schools want to free themselves of council control?  How long is it since local authorities had any real control?   And small schools like mine are likely to fall by the wayside because we are too small to manage without the support and guidance of LA services.

Here's wishing you success in your campaign.
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