Local comprehensives provide a fully-rounded education

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I support local schools because I think it is really important for children to learn within their community. Education is of course about academic achievement, but a huge and important part of it is also learning from experience that the world is a wonderfully diverse place and that every person in it is equally entitled to have the chance to fulfil their potential, regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender and socio-economic status. I want my children to be able to excel in the areas that interest them. I want them to be able to walk to school and to have friends living nearby. I want them to go to a school that reflects the multi-class, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic world around them and for them to be proud of that diversity. This is something that local comprehensive schools provide and they need continued support from their communities and the Government to carry on the good work so many already do and to keep improving where improvements are needed.
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