Has Gove any idea how onerous the role of school governor is, and what a shortage there is?

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My children are at Therfield - a mixed comprehensive in Leatherhead, Surrey, and prior to that were at West Ashtead Primary - both local state schools.

The education my children are lucky enough to be receiving at our local state primary and secondary is a true all-rounded education learning about life and what the real world is like - not just how to pass exams. Michael Gove's plan is seriously flawed - having been a governor of my children's primary school for six years and currently the chair of their secondary school trust, I don't think Mr Gove can have any real idea about what it would take for parents to set up his 'free schools' and who any resulting schools would inevitably benefit. Has he, by any chance, any idea how onerous the 'full' role of a school governor is currently - and what a shortage there is?
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