Children and parents have more interest in their local community, and society is more inclusive

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I live in Birmingham where there are many fee paying schools, grammar schools and faith schools.  I have long held the belief that we, as parents, should be able to send our children to good, local schools with local accountability and without selection on academic ability.  That way friendship groups would remain at the end of primary school, children and parents would have much more interest vested in their local community and society would have a much more inclusive feel to it.

I envy my brother, for example, who lives in an area with no grammar schools.  His children and their friends left their primary school in the July and met again in the September at their local comprehensive.  All three of them now have good degrees and jobs.  They didn't have the expense (for it seems that most children that do the 11+ receive tutoring) or stress involved in sitting for grammar schools. I really believe in good, local schools without the divisiveness of grammar and faith schools and that would improve social mobility.
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