A good school is the centre of a community of interest

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A good school is the centre of a community of interest, for parents whose children attend that school may come many diverse backgrounds and circumstances.

But together, their concern is for the provision of high quality education for their children, offered by a staff focussed on that goal.

There is a sense of belonging in such a community that is supportive of educational experience in its broadest sense, not just the limits of the taught curriculum but the whole ethos of parents and teachers working together for their children in their school.

Over a period of time, ownership develops and relationships are formed. Parents come to trust the school and will seek to share family experience on a broad front to the benefit of all. As one child leaving to go to Secondary school wrote in a book she gave me - “Thank you for being there for me”.

The local school, where the networks are understood by staff, and the confidence of families over the years is fostered, provides something over and above academic results; it becomes the still and safe place in a rapidly turning and changing world.
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