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23.07.16 by
It's been a busy couple of weeks. No I don't mean trying to keep up with the headlines or the fallout from the headlines, though I can't say that isn... Read more
English school children are among the most tested in the world. Yet there’s no evidence frequent, mandatory, national tests raise educational... Read more
Zombie statistics rose from the dead yesterday in Parliament when Angela Rayner , shadow education secretary, called on the government to review... Read more
There was much crowing when schools minister Nick Gibb flunked a grammar question on Today . The Sun , for example, sent him to the ‘bottom of the... Read more
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16.05.16 by
Einstein captured the issue in a single sentence. “ Sometimes what counts can’t be counted, and what can be counted doesn’t count. ” With Maths in... Read more
A ‘rogue marker’ was responsible for leaking the Key Stage 2 Sats paper, a Department for Education source said yesterday. So far, so obvious:... Read more
‘My fellow animals. I am aware there are squeaks of protest against our rigorous grammar test for young animals. But if our young animals have... Read more
Education secretary Nicky Morgan firmly believes ‘rigorous tests’ at Key Stage 2 will reduce the proportion of English pupils who are low performers... Read more
Education Secretary Nicky Morgan tried to damp down fears that thousands of primary schools would fail new floor standards by saying the Department... Read more
Bradley Simmons, Ofsted regional director for the South East, recently wrote to Reading Borough Council raising concerns about the drop in GCSE... Read more
SATS: One Parent’s Dilemma English children are now the most heavily tested in the world – and a revolt is building within weeks of the Year 2 and... Read more
The speech by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan to the NASUWT conference had a ‘relatively polite reception’, Schools Week writes. But a few jeers... Read more
The scene: a blasted heath. Macbeth exhorts the witches to foretell the future. The three hags conjure bloodied kings and the murdered Banquo. ‘Thou... Read more
Decisions about converting to academy status ‘would not be solely based on data,’ Sir Michael Wilshaw, Chief Inspector of Schools, told an Ofsted... Read more
Yesterday, the Guardian published an excellent piece by journalist John Harris on the death of creativity and enjoyment of learning our state school... Read more
This is the latest press release from the Secretary of State for Education Who could argue against children 'learning their tables' - any more than... Read more