The width and depth of this misunderstanding is demonstrated in this Guardian headline . New test for ‘growth mindset’, the theory that anyone who... Read more
I have the consent of 'Disappointed Idealist' to write an article on my website based on his latest post on leaving the teaching profession. It is... Read more
As protests grow at so many aspects of current policy - from an impoverished curriculum to the diminishment of local democracy, the erosion of... Read more
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In my experience as a parent, teacher, headteacher and grandparent, few schools are effective at addressing bullying of their pupils. In fact it is... Read more
This is a summary version of the full article which you can read here Although this could be one my most important articles in relation to improving... Read more
Co-authored by Roger Titcombe and Janet Downs The government increasingly involves itself in what should be taught and how it should be taught.... Read more
I am writing this shortly after the Chancellor, George Osborne, made his March 2016 budget announcement that all the remaining Local Authority... Read more
This article is an extract from a forthcoming book, The Long Game: The Lessons We Can Learn From Long-Serving Teachers, which will be published this... Read more
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In November, it was reported that children at St George the Martyr Primary School, in Holborn, are being made to keep their hands clasped behind... Read more
Yesterday, the Guardian published an excellent piece by journalist John Harris on the death of creativity and enjoyment of learning our state school... Read more
LSN readers may have been a little puzzled by headlines yesterday, including in the Guardian, proclaiming ‘Soaring state schools threaten private... Read more
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Last September, a new player entered the English education market. Floreat Education, a private limited company, opened two primary academies in... Read more
Thank you, I am delighted to be here. This book is a truly collaborative effort, a distillation of the thinking and writing of the four founders of... Read more
Many years ago, when I was a physics teacher, I gave a test like this to my top set Y11 GCSE students. The results were very poor. I have since... Read more
I live in an area where there are many schools close by. I discovered when applying for a reception place that I lived 50 yards further away from the... Read more
Chief HMI Sir Michael Wilshaw is right that low-level poor behaviour – chatting, silly remarks, not having equipment etc – disrupts the education of... Read more
“Welcome to Colditz Academy” was The Times Magazine headline introducing a four page article praising the principal, Alison Cowell, for her hard-... Read more
It is a terrible story. A teacher stabbed to death in front of her pupils. Tragic for her family, tragic for her school, the community and for the... Read more