SchoolsCompany Trust and Bright Tribe includedIt might be expected that academy trusts criticised for their finances would have their names removed from the Department for Education’s approved sponsor list.But that isn’t the case.The list (downloadable here ) was updated on 14... Read more

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SchoolsCompany Trust and Bright Tribe included

It might be expected that academy trusts criticised for their finances...

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'Several papers' at Harris Primary Academy Kent House wiped

The Standards and Testing agency (STA) has annulled 'several...

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International Academy of Greenwich cuts number of Year 7s by fifty

The International Academy of Greenwich (IAG), an 11-19...

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This is the title of a Guardian article which appeared on 11 September 2018. The following (in italics) are excerpts.

Major study of 1.8...

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SchoolCompany’s Trust director prioritised ‘growing the business’

‘In terms of growing the business, what are the vital...

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GCSE is the ‘common exam at 16+’ created by the merging of the GCE and CSE systems. I entered university in 1965 on the basis of the national ‘...

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Shortly to be published research by Professor Michael Shayer reveals an accidental breakthrough in how highly significant cognitive development in...

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DfE compensated Southall College for costs re proposed Floreat Southall School

The Department for Education (DfE) paid...

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Money for repairs at Bright Tribe academies not spent as expected

An investigation by BBC Panorama, to be aired tonight,  ...

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Alleged ‘grade inflation’ hasn't ended

Remember when Michael Gove used to bang on about grade inflation?   His reformed...

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STA investigated St Matthew’s CofE, Hillingdon, for ‘maladministration'

The Standards and Testing Agency has annulled maths...

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Zero-tolerance risks exclusions for minor incidents

It’s reasonable for schools to have ‘zero-tolerance’ policies towards...

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Press release from LSE:

The rapid conversion of state schools to academies since 2010 has resulted in the majority of such schools having...

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Ofsted has now published inspection data for 2000-2005*, its Freedom of Information responses reveal. 

This is welcome.  I have long...

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It’s dated March 2017 but it wasn’t published until today - the Ipsos-MORI analysis of the consultation about Schools that Work for Everyone which...

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Selective schools put social cohesion at risk ‘for no clear improvement in overall results’.  That’s the conclusion of Durham University academics...

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‘The tech gurus of Silicon Valley know that screens do not belong in the classroom’

Times leader 10 February 2018 (£)

This isn’t new...

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Faith free schools must reserve half of their applications for children who are not of the faith. 

That doesn’t mean half of pupils in faith...

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