I don't believe that faith organisations should control state-funded schools, and am concerned that a local community primary school is going through the motions to change to a C of E voluntary aided school.

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I am strongly against faith organisations having control of state-funded schools, and should like to know where you stand on this issue.

Last Friday, a Statutory Notice was published on a back page of the local paper in Lowestoft inviting comments on a proposal to change the status of a popular local community primary school to that of Church of England voluntary aided primary school. There is a 6 week consultation period, during which I intend to register my objections, but I fear I will be a lone voice. Very little interest was shown by parents of pupils at the school when they were consulted in June, but I feel this was because they were not made aware of the full implications of the change, eg to school admissions policy and procedures. I have written to the local paper and I am hopeful that they will run a story on the issue, but am wondering if there is any other way in which I can publicise it - has anyone any suggestions?

By the way, I have been informed by the county council portfolio holder for Education, Skills & Young People, that the school's move to change its status has been prompted by a fear of being pressurised into becoming an academy, which the governors do not want.
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