This 1999 paper by Professor Michael Shayer is of enormous significance for the future of the English education system and the way that school students are taught in our classrooms. It emerges at a critical time, when the UK government, through academisation, is stepping up the... Read more

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Secret of free school success is being outside ‘state comprehensive system’

The head of a free school ‘couldn’t have...

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 Free schools ‘best means’ of addressing rising school numbers, says NSN

The need for more school places is best met by...

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West London Free School among missing data

Capital costs for seven of the first 24 free schools are still not known.  The...

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This 1999 paper by Professor Michael Shayer is of enormous significance for the future of the English education system and the way that school...

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But website features positive article published only yesterday

‘We are extremely gratified by all the national and local...

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Inspectors must decide if exceptional pupil movement is 'lawful'

Inspectors must discuss concerns about potential ‘off-...

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Test results for English reading and Maths quashed

Teachers at Harris Academy Philip Lane ‘over-aided’ Year 6 pupils taking...

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Lilac Sky trust given  £122k by DfE in same financial year

Lilac Sky Schools Academies Trust (LSSAT) became notorious in...

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The Guardian of 2 September 2018 carried this story from which I quote as follows (in italics).

Parents have criticised the use of isolation...

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£4m in grants awarded - and they don't have to be repaid

Over four million pounds in total was given to fourteen struggling...

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Money for repairs at Bright Tribe academies not spent as expected

An investigation by BBC Panorama, to be aired tonight,  ...

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SchoolCompany’s Trust director prioritised ‘growing the business’

‘In terms of growing the business, what are the vital...

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SchoolsCompany Trust and Bright Tribe included

It might be expected that academy trusts criticised for their finances would...

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International Academy of Greenwich cuts number of Year 7s by fifty

The International Academy of Greenwich (IAG), an 11-19...

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Shortly to be published research by Professor Michael Shayer reveals an accidental breakthrough in how highly significant cognitive development in...

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Consider these quotes from this recent Guardian article.

The system is now pushing schools and their heads to prioritise “the interests of...

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DfE must address major concerns

The Public Accounts Committee’s report into the way the Department for Education (DfE)...

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This year marks a significant anniversary in the history of education policy in this country.

 Thirty years ago this summer the Great...

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